Deaf consumers can choose from one of the unlimited data plans on T-Mobile wireless devices available through Fuse Communications to enhance their communication options.

The plans include unlimited personal e-mail, unlimited Web browsing, and text and instant messaging. Deaf and hearing people can communicate via text SMS, Instant Messaging, e-mail, or via the Internet Relay service.

The wireless devices include many features and allow users to save notes, create task lists, keep an address book, look up map directions, and set up an alarm alert using vibration.

Fuse Communications, a T-Mobile authorized dealer, is offering rebates on several T-Mobile models. Customers choose the desired T-Mobile model and a monthly plan with a wireless service provider that fits their communication needs. A pager comparison chart listing information on T-Mobile models, specifications, features and T-Mobile unlimited data plans is available at

A signed, captioned video is on view at

[Source: Deaf 411 News Service]