Stäfa, Switzerland-based Phonak, with US headquarters in Warrenville, Ill, introduces Audéo YES, a small, completely wireless hearing system that makes high frequencies audible.

The hearing systems are based on the proven communication optimized real-audio engine (CORE) platform and employ a variety of proprietary Phonak technologies to optimize speech comprehension, such as:

Many people with hearing loss experience difficulty recognizing sounds and understanding speech in the high-frequency ranges. This tends to affect consonants such as b, p, and d, and sibilant sounds such as s and sh, all of which are very important for speech comprehension. SoundRecover technology makes these high frequency sounds audible again. The relevant signals are compressed and shifted into a lower-frequency region that is more easily heard by the hearing-system wearer.

•    SoundFlow, a patented multi-program automatic system, automatically adapts to the wearer’s sound environment.

•    NoiseBlock helps with recognition and suppression of interfering signals.

•    WhistleBlock precisely identifies and eliminates feedback, or whistling.

•    ZoomControl allows the wearer to decide from which direction he or she wishes to listen to speech and sounds.

Audéo YES is equipped with the most recent and most powerful microprocessor for hearing systems, and is compatible with wireless devices such as mobile telephones, navigation systems, and MP3 players.

Lightweight and durable, the housing was awarded the Red Dot Award for product design for its ergonomic shape. Wearers can choose between 17 color combinations—from Crème Brulée to Royal Velvet.