Clarity®, a division of Plantronics, Inc, Chattanooga, Tenn, and a supplier of amplified telephones, has teamed up with NorthStar Studios to make a new product line, called Personix™, available to consumers through a direct response television campaign.

A series of infomercials, hosted by actress Kassie DePaiva of One Life to Live, airing in targeted markets across the country will offer the new Personix products. The first infomercial will feature Clarity’s Personix corded telephone equipped with Digital Clarity Power™, a digital signal processing technology that makes phone conversations markedly clearer for individuals with a hearing loss. The program will also offer insights into the challenges faced and new solutions available to the millions of Americans currently affected by a hearing loss.

“As the number of people with a hearing loss continues to grow, Clarity is working to make more and better solutions readily available to those who need them.  Through this direct to consumer marketing initiative, consumers who currently do not have access to Clarity products—or those who are not aware this type of products exists— will now have an opportunity to purchase hearing loss solutions directly from us,” says Carsten Trads, president of Clarity. “We hope this television campaign will encourage new customers to gain information related to hearing loss causes and solutions, while allowing familiar customers to view us in a new light.”

Personix amplified telephones are equipped with Digital Clarity Power (DCP) technology that makes soft sounds audible while keeping loud sounds bearable by using digital signal processing, the same technology used in digital hearing aids. DCP technology enables the phone to recognize unwanted sounds, such as background noise, and eliminate those sounds from a user’s conversation. Clarity is the only company to incorporate digital signal processing technology for improved audio clarity and volume into a standard telephone.

Personix phones alert users of incoming calls by a large, flashing visual ringer on the front of the phone. Optional ringing features include a bed shaker and a lamp flasher that help notify users in the event of a call.

NorthStar Studios, Nashville, Tenn, is a leading, nationally recognized production studio and Nashville’s largest full service television and video production facility.

For more information, contact (800) 426-3738; www.clarityproducts.com.

[SOURCE: Clarity, October 2006]