Research shows that prolonged exposure to loud noise exceeding 85 dB can degrade hearing over time, and can occur in places that you might not expect, according to an article on the AARP website.

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The article details eight common recreational activities that meet or exceed the 85 dB threshold which include hunting or target shooting; listening to music with headphones or earbuds; exercise class; attending a live music event; woodworking and home renovation projects involving saws or sanders; attending a sports game; using a gas-powered mower, snow blower, or leaf blower; and boating/motorcycle riding.

Some hearing experts suggest utilizing a smartphone app sound level meter, such as Decibel X for iOS, to help detect potentially harmful noise, as well as carrying earplugs to protect hearing when the sound is at or beyond 85 dB. For sound that is particularly noxious, such as at a shooting range or airfield, some experts recommend using over-the-ear muffs or, to be safe, doubling up with earplugs for added protection.

To read more, visit the AARP website here.

Source: AARP