On Friday, January 31, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Oticon, Widex, and GN ReSound will officially open a new research center on the DTU campus . The newly named CAMM center (Center for Acoustic-Mechanical Micro systems) will focus on the interaction between acoustics and mechanics. Scientists from both DTU Mechanical Engineering and DTU Electrical Engineering will work at the center under the leadership of Professor Jakob Søndergaard Jensen.

The aim of the CAMM center is to strengthen the technical fundaments of the Danish hearing aid industry. Through research and in the development of so-called acoustic, mechanical microsystems, this research area will help the Danish hearing aid industry to continue to flourish. By continuing to educate highly qualified engineers who possess the excellent professional skills within acoustics and mechanics, the CAMM center says it will work to create hearing aids and other small audio systems, which rank among the best in the world.   

Benforankret høreapparat

Center leader, Jakob Søndergaard Jensen states, “With the center we have a unique opportunity to create an exceptional research environment. We will be the first center in the world dedicated solely to this area. With top class international research and the educating of Master Students and PhD researchers, we will be capable of strengthening Danish industries’ leading position when it comes to products where the interaction between mechanics and acoustics play a leading role, and of course with hearing aids included.      

The center expects to build up a group of 10–15 researchers, which will include post docs and PhD researchers. The center will also offer a number of courses at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. The center will be financed over a five-year period with approximately DKK 25 million (US $4.57 million)

DTU’s Rector Anders Bjarklev says, “It is very positive that these three big hearing aid companies are collaborating and supporting such an exciting new research area here at DTU. We have great expectations for the center and also hope that this model in cooperation will be an inspiration within other areas.

Source: DTU