Month: June 2010

The PSAP Dilemma

In my November 2009 editorial, I took the FDA to task for what I perceive as lax enforcement on personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs), as well as some direct-mail hearing aids marketed online. Specifically, I objected to those product

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GSI Is Back!

A venerable and respected name in the industry, GSI slipped into the background after being purchased by a series of large companies that were challenged by the unique nature of the hearing industry. However, last year the company was purchased by William Demant Holding, and GSI says it has been “reborn.”

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Fewer Wires, Less Complexity, and More Connections: The New Challenge for Wireless Hearing Instruments

Research was recently conducted by ReSound to create a comprehensive understanding of trends and preferences for wireless hearing instruments in the market today among hearing aid users, as well as hearing care professionals. The study results, presented here, have been used in guiding and refining the development of the company’s new wireless technology.

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