Patient and family-centered care is said to be “a vital component of improving treatment satisfaction and measurable success.” Patient and Family-Centered Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology focuses on teaching speech-language pathology and audiology students how to develop and incorporate this model into everyday practice, Thieme Publishers said in an announcement.
Carly Meyer, Nerina Scarinci, Louise Hickson, and an array of international authors share personal experiences to prepare students with both scientific evidence and practical information for implementation. The content reflects a cross-collaborative approach, with contributions from speech-language pathologists and audiologists, as well as other health professionals including psychologists and occupational therapists.

Key Features:

  • Professional topics including preparation and planning for patient- and family-centered care in the practice setting, needs assessments, multidisciplinary collaboration, and cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • Real-life cases, description of evidence-based patient outcomes, and firsthand insights included in each chapter;
  • Learning objectives, boxed features such as student activities and helpful tips, questions for consideration, and end-of-chapter summaries “enhance retention and integration of knowledge;”
  • 29 video case examples that include interviews with patients, families, and clinicians, as well as demonstrations of patient- and family-centered care in action.

The Hearing Review

has published a number of articles on the important topic of family-centered care—along with an article on the Question Prompt List (QPL) tool—with contributions from many of the authors and contributors of this book.

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Carly Meyer et al.

Patient and Family-Centered Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Thieme Publishers New York/Stuttgart. 2019
174 pp, 40 illustrations


ISBN: 9781626235038
eBook – Available from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes
eISBN: 9781626239203


Source: Thieme Publishers

Image: Thieme Publishers