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Modified Headphones Translate ASL Via Doppler

University at Buffalo-led research team has modified noise-cancelling headphones, enabling the common electronic device to “see” and translate American Sign Language (ASL) when paired with a smartphone. An article describing the research appears on the University at Buffalo website.

Researchers Examine Brain-Sign Language Link

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (MPI CBS) now wanted to know which brain regions are actually involved in the processing of sign language across different studies – and how large the overlap is with brain regions that hearing people use for spoken language processing.

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Adverse Childhood Communication Experiences May Be Associated with Increased Risk for Chronic Disease

The study notes that two forms of early life toxic stress that can potentially impact the health of individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing are language deprivation (insufficient access to direct child–caregiver communication during the critical period of language development) and communication neglect (ongoing or recurrent exclusion from indirect family communication and incidental learning).

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