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Loving What You Do: The Joy of Not Having to Grumble ‘It’s a Job’

I love the sense of accomplishment when I am done with fitting and verifying hearing aids on an initial fit. It is literally uplifting fun for me to do my job. When others share their stories about their approach to a problem that yielded a successful outcome, I make note of it if the approach was innovative and get vicarious enjoyment from their success. When someone from any profession tells me about their work and grumbles “It’s a job,” I feel disappointed and sorry for them.

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Final Word: Paving the Road to Patient Success When the “New Normal” Is LESS Face-to-Face Service

As the “new normal” becomes less personal face-to-face service in many aspects of our lives, we will need to determine how to best prepare our patients for success. The fact is that today’s hearing aids, as sophisticated as they are, still have the fundamental requirements that hearing aid users have dealt with for decades. The question is how will we provide the service, and set up a system where the patient feels that they are receiving appropriate value for the money they invest in us?

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