Obtaining a constant stream of new potential patients—already pre-examined by a physician who has recommended your services—is one of the best ways to build a successful dispensing practice. However, physician referrals are not always easy to obtain. Often, it takes a concerted, multi-layered, educational and marketing approach to build an active physician referral base.

A new 3-part webinar courtesy of CareCredit—with each part running about 20 minutes in length—provides insights for gaining new physician referrals. In this webinar:

  • BRIAN TAYLOR, AuD, explains why it’s increasingly important for dispensing professionals to understand and anticipate the important changes occurring in general healthcare—as well as the three “clinical equivalents” now influencing all physicians’ treatment decisions;
  • BOB TYSOE shows how a physicians’ office typically operates, who you should target and “educate to obligate,” and the various strategies for getting your foot in the door and gaining referrals from doctors and patient care coordinators;
  • BRAD DODSON explains how the astute and timely use of multi-layered email, digital marketing, and geo-fencing campaigns can shine a spotlight on your services and help doctors help their patients. He also shows how these programs are employed, gives examples of their use, and also demonstrates why any marketing campaign should include a strong analytics component.

The webinar is free and was produced by The Hearing Review. To watch this webinar now, CLICK HERE.