HR July Cover The Hearing Review July 2013 Table of Contents


Finding the Fountain of Youth
By Karl Strom


Why You Should Say “Yes” to the Age-old Question of “Should I Use an Assistant?
By Gyl A. Kasewurm, AuD
As hearing healthcare practices are faced with declining reimbursement, increased competition, and a declining workforce, the question no longer is about whether we should use assistants but rather “Can we afford NOT to use assistants in our practices?”


Cognitive Dissonance: Overcome What Is Really Holding Back Your Practice!
By Tina Soika
Whether at work or in general life, everyone has to deal with cognitive dissonance in varying degrees. However, it is important to identify and address cognitive dissonance in those areas of your practice that hinder its success and growth.

Annual HR “How To” Section

How To…

p. 26 Strengthen and Grow Your Business While Achieving Personal, Professional, and Financial Goals
p. 30 Take Control of the Fitting Process
p. 30 Increase Your Hearing Care Business by Utilizing Direct Mail Advertising
p. 32 Overcome the Telephone Barrier
p. 32 Inspire Your Patients to Take Action
p. 34 Help Your Patients Hear What They See on TV—And Love What They Hear!
p. 34 Add Value to Your Audiological Evaluations
p. 39 Use Wide Band Tympanometry (Absorbance)
p. 39 Unlock the Power of Personalization in Hearing Aid Fittings: Oticon Alta
p. 40 Easily Create Custom Wordlists with the Symphony® TrackWizard Utility
p. 40 Increase Your Efficiency by Using Rayovac’s B-to-B Battery Ordering Website
p. 42 Maximize Fitting Comfort with Fewer Office Visits
p. 43 Set the Siemens Tinnitus Therapy Feature to Ease the Effects of Tinnitus
p. 44 Increase Patient Overall Satisfaction, Confidence Levels Through CapTel
p. 44 Use the Unique Flex:trial Program to Break Through Patient Objections
p. 45 Use Widex Zen Therapy: Tinnitus Treatment Simplified


Blog Page: Parent Activities for Children with Hearing Loss
by Jane Madell, PhD

The Final Word: Better Methods for Helping People Help Themselves
by Dennis Van Vliet, AuD