Donald J. Schum, PhD, vice president of audiology for Oticon, Inc, was among the expert presenters at the December Palm Springs Hearing Seminar, Oticon announced. The two-day knowledge-sharing event brought together clinical audiologists, dispensing otolaryngologists, and hearing instrument specialists from across the US to explore “Neuro-Rehab(ilitation) Provided by Hearing Aids.”

In his seminar session on “Current Approaches to the Speech-in-Noise Problem,” Schum called speech understanding in complex listening situations the greatest unmet challenge faced by those with hearing loss.

“Hearing aids must find a way to improve perception for a complex, broadband rapidly changing signal, such as the speech you want to hear, in the presence of other complex, broadband rapidly changing signals, such as the speech you don’t want to hear or other competition,” Schum said.  His presentation detailed basic principles in play when that problem is currently addressed, along with the benefits and limitations.  “The last few years have brought professionals a new range of effective solutions,” he explained. “As we look into the future, even more intriguing and powerful signal processing approaches will be brought to bear on this challenge.”

The long-standing Palm Springs Hearing Seminar continuing education series is designed to bring together clinicians, basic scientists, clinical scientists, practice management experts, and device manufacturers to discuss cutting-edge research and technologies that affect the field and hearing care practice. This year marked the fourth time that Schum was invited to be part of the program.

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Source: Oticon

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