Audiology Systems recently announced that the new ICS® Impulse— a portable video head impulse testing (vHIT) device by Otometrics— is now available in the United States. New usability enhancements are designed to make the ICS Impulse system an even more powerful time-saving tool.

ICS Impulse

ICS Impulse goggles

Training and demonstrations offered by Audiology Systems will show new features, such as head position feedback for LARP and RALP, that makes it easier for the tester to see the proper position of the patient’s head by tracking motion in free space. Audiology Systems reports that other enhancements include the innovative goggle, which has a new high-speed USB camera and a sensitive head motion sensor built in that record fast eye movements to identify overt and covert saccades. Dynamic data analysis is designed to simplify the identification of the saccades and vestibulo-ocular reflex components of the eye trace, and the new Hex Plot displays an overview of all six canals. It’s also possible to print high quality reports with vector-based graphics.

Characterizing the system as fast, simple, and precise, Audiology Systems says that the ICS Impulse is the world’s first portable, gold standard vHIT device and the only system approved by thought-leaders Michael Halmagyi, MD, and Ian Curthoys, PhD. It is recommended as the first step in analysis—providing vast time-savings and improving workflow, according to the company. It’s designed as the first vHIT device that enables clinicians to accurately assess all 6 semi-circular canals in less than 10 minutes.

The Hearing Review published the article  Video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT): VOR Analysis of High Frequency Vestibular Activity by Petrak, Bahner & Beck in our September 2013 edition.

“Audiology Systems and Otometrics have partnered to provide our customers with a series of balance assessment training courses and solutions to maximize the use of our equipment—including access to detailed product information, professional training and support from a team of audiologists, myself included,” says Kathleen Hill, AuD, audiology education manager at Otometrics. “We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to learn and experience firsthand how ICS Impulse and the new head positioning feedback feature and other enhancements make gold standard vestibular testing even easier to perform.”

Audiologists and other healthcare professionals who are involved in performing and interpreting the VNG/ENG test may register online at for the Head Impulse Seminar Series offered for 0.4 continuing education units (CEUs). For more comprehensive training, recognized balance expert Kamran Barin, PhD, is facilitating a 3-day course on October 13-15 in Chicago and details can be found at

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Source: Audiology Systems