Grason-Stadler Inc (GSI) has announced three upcoming Live CEU opportunities to wrap up 2017.

Presenter: James Hall, PhD

October 31, 2017|12:00

CST Evidence-Based Diagnostic Audiology: Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness with Value Added Tests|0.1 CEU Credit

Reliance on value added tests contributes to accurate diagnosis of hearing loss, appropriate and timely intervention, and optimal patient outcome. In this webinar, practical guidelines are offered for the application of value-added tests in diagnostic audiology today.

Presenter: Tony Lombardo, MS

November 14, 2017|12:00 CST

GSI AMTAS: Automated Hearing Assessment | 0.1 CEU Credit

The GSI AMTAS software connected to a GSI audiometer provides a reliable way to perform an automated assessment of hearing. The self-directed hearing test allows the patient to step through a complete audiologic exam including air conduction, bone conduction, and speech with masking. Test reliability indicators and audiogram classification are also provided as well as an EMR ready report.

Presenter: Karen Morris, MS, CCC/A

December 7, 2017|12:00 CST

GSI TympStar Pro v1.1-Updates and New Features |0.1 CEU Credit

The purpose of this course is to provide the latest information in immittance measurements with GSI TympStar Pro. The new features and enhancements to the TympStar Pro and Configuration Application will be reviewed.

Attendees can expect to increase their product knowledge, learn tips and strategies that can be immediately applied to their clinical practices, as well as earn CEU credits. To register, and for more information, visit the Grason-Stadler website here.

Source: GSI