The 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians will begin this week, October 18-20, 2017, in Nürnberg, Germany, and will feature approximately 20 lectures and a number of tutorials on audiology research, science, hearing device limitations and capabilities, hearing aid acoustics, and technology; seven workshop sessions; and 130 exhibiting companies in Halls 3A and 4A, showing innovative hearing technology, measurement technology, earmoulds, accessories, and more, according to the Europäische Union der Hörakustiker e. V (EUHA). One of the major topics discussed at the event will be connected hearing. Click here for more information.

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

October 18

Presentations on over-the-counter hearing aids and their impact on global hearing care, multilingual speech tests, and speech intelligibility.

October 19

An industry update involving innovations in directional hearing connectivity and cognitive abilities.

October 20

Topics including hyperacusis, tinnitus, and noise reduction.

“The future of the hearing aid profession will be presented at the 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians with forward-looking issues being discussed at the world’s largest convention in our line of business. The industry update offers presentations on directional hearing, connectivity, and cognitive abilities. The importance and indispensability of hearing aid acousticians/audiologists performing individual fittings will also be focused on as will over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids and their impact on global hearing care. You are invited to use this opportunity to take part in further education and share knowledge. We are happy to present this combination of lectures and the latest in technology at the Congress between October 18-20, 2017. Join us in Nürnberg,” said Martin Blecker, EUHA president, in a press release.

A welcome video and overview of the Congress from Wolfgang Luber and Dirk Köttgen:

Conference attendees will also be able to conveniently access information about the event—including floor plans, exhibitor lists, and the program for upcoming lectures and tutorials—by downloading the new EUHA app here for Apple phones (German) and here (English) as well as for Android phones on Google Play.

EUHA is the specialist association of hearing aid acousticians. Its members endorse high trade-specific standards for their profession. Founded in 1960 as the Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (UHA), the association was renamed European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in 2004. Members are involved in hearing protection, hearing prevention, hearing improvement, hearing rehabilitation, and hearing research.

Source: EUHA