hearing aid fittingIn its top 10 list of “The Least Stressful Jobs of 2015,” the online edition of Forbes has ranked “audiologist” as the 2nd least stressful occupation for the year. The occupation that earned 1st position in Forbes’ list was “hair stylist,” though the 2015 median salary listed for hair stylists was a mere $22,800, a significantly lower salary than the median earnings listed for audiologists.

According to the Forbes website, the median salary for audiologists in 2015 is $69,700. This is an increase on the median salary of $66,600 that was posted by other websites for this same occupation 2 years ago. The median salary for audiologists in 2015 was a bit higher than the $69,000 median salary posted for non-tenured, post-secondary or college professors in 2015, an occupation that ranked 3rd in Forbes’ least stressful jobs list.

The median salaries included in the Forbes list were based on figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, except where otherwise noted.

The Forbes list also included a projected growth of 34% for audiologist positions by 2022. To see the complete 2015 slideshow listing of least stressful jobs, visit the Forbes website.

Forbes is not the first to cite audiology as being “least stressful.” CareerCast first did so in 2011, listing Audiology as the #1 least stressful profession, generating a mix of celebration and outrage from the audiology community—with many audiologists commenting that the research was plainly flawed, and others saying that the net effect of the rating might be to attract more professionals into a field that badly needs them.

Source: Forbes

Photo credit: © Alexander Raths | Dreamstime.com