Introducing remote testing and fitting with ReSound Assist Live

Hear what hearing care professionals think the strengths and benefits are to ReSound Assist Live and how it helps them connect with patients like never before. Assist Live is one more way you can offer more flexible, personalized care to your patients by allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home for real-time, video appointments.


Exceptional remote hearing care to help you meet your business goals. Offer your clients remote in-ear testing and fittings from the comfort of home.

ReSound Features Explained

Ready to take the next step? Get tools to help guide your clients.

Get ReSound’s upselling tools designed to help you demonstrate the value and benefits of choosing ReSound ONE to your clients.

Enjoy the confidence of being able to recommend an individualized solution for your patients. Offer optimal guidance along their journey to better hearing and grow your business while giving patients new ways to hear the world around them.

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