HearUSA, a business in the WS Audiology Group (WSA), announced a new HearUSA brand, “Sound of the New Age.” The new brand unites 1,000 team members, 360 hearing centers, and 28 brands to introduce hearing care professionals (HCPs) and the 48-million people living with hearing loss to the “Sound of the New Age” of hearing possibilities, according to the company’s announcement.

The new brand vision, HearUSA Sound of the New Age, reflects today’s consumer commitment to “live life to the fullest, no longer restricted by stigma, physical limitation, or impairment,” according to James Gilchrist, President of HearUSA.

“Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition people face everyday and currently only 1 in 5 of those affected take the necessary steps to experience the benefits of better hearing,” Gilchrist said. “Globally, nearly 1.6 billion people have hearing loss, 430 million of whom have disabling hearing loss. Yet only 20% of these people have, to date, been empowered to act.

“HearUSA is going to change this reality by serving as the hearing care retailer best able to champion the voice of the consumer, normalize the conversation around hearing loss, and introduce consumers to the positive transformation of hearing enhancement,” he said.

The new HearUSA brand “Sound of the New Age” unites all WS Audiology hearing care retail brands under the HearUSA name, including Florida Medical Hearing Centers, Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, Sound Advice Hearing Aid Centers, The Kaplan Hearing Center, Hearing Rehab Centers, and Tustin Hearing, among others.

“The launch of the new HearUSA creates a single unified network of hearing care centers, staffed by hearing care professionals, that are united to solve the global hearing care challenge starting with one million more lives changed over the next five years in the United States,” Gilchrist said.

As part of its commitment to transform the hearing aids industry and better serve clients, HearUSA plans to open a series of reimagined hearing experience centers over the next several years that will reframe client assumptions about every aspect of hearing aids.

In all HearUSA locations, clients will now also be able to “hear better immediately, and without the wait,” thanks to a new HearUSA website offering the ability to schedule appointments online. HearUSA’s unique Hear Better Today program also equips clients with hearing aids the same day they are evaluated so they don’t have to wait to experience the benefits that hearing aids deliver.

“Today the world of health has changed. New service models are enhancing and improving how we access care, and technology is giving consumers more control. HearUSA is setting a new standard in hearing care,” Gilchrist explained.

The unification also provides HearUSA teams with a single organizational structure that will help “enhance company-wide communication, strengthen customer and HCP support programs, and expand the ongoing dialogue between hearing care professionals and HearUSA through the formation of a new HearUSA HCP Advisory Board.”

The board exists expressly for the purpose of providing feedback and professional practice expertise to the HearUSA support center and corporate team on matters related to client care and the overall success of the business to deliver on the promise to provide Simply Excellent Hearing Care to their clients, according to the company. The board consists of a representative group of HearUSA HCPs that meet monthly to develop key programs and initiatives.

“As HearUSA strives to change lives through better hearing and achieve our ambition to change one million more lives by 2028, we recognize the critical role our HCPs have in shaping the future of our organization,” said HCP Advisory Board Chair Dan Troast, AuD. “The insights provided by our HCPs on key initiatives are essential to our organization’s ability to provide the best client care. This is the aspiration from which the HearUSA HCP Advisory Board is formed.”

Acknowledging the boldness of the new HearUSA vision, Gilchrist stressed that while the journey will be accomplished over a period of years, the outcome is clear.

“Today’s launch of a revitalized, repositioned HearUSA brand represents the start of a long-term journey for our company, our hearing care professionals, and the millions of people we will help. ‘The Sound of the New Age’ has arrived, and it will transform everything connected to the way we speak about and experience healthy hearing,” he said.

For more information on HearUSA, visit: www.hearusa.com.

Source: HearUSA

Image: HearUSA