Last April, just prior to the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Convention in Orlando, The Hearing Review hosted a “State of the Industry” dinner sponsored by CareCredit that drew more than 100 distinguished audiologists and industry experts together to see presentations on four important topics that are central to private practice hearing care. The short talks were given by Hearing Review Editor-in-chief Karl Strom, Amyn Amlani of the University of North Texas-Denton, Brian Taylor of Unitron, and Dan Quall of Starkey Hearing Technologies.

The last four editions of The Insider featured: Karl Strom’s summary of the 2014 Hearing Review Dispenser Survey; Amyn Amlani’s overview of his pricing, unbundling, and hearing aid apps; Brian Taylor’s look at the need for interventional audiology and outreach to physicians and the healthcare community; and Dan Quall’s comparisons of similar fields (ie, optometry and dentistry) to hearing care and key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarks for practices.

This week, in Part 5, we wrap up The Hearing Review & CareCredit State of the Industry Presentation Series with comments from the dinner’s audience, including viewpoints from Drs David Fabry, Kim Cavitt, Scot Frink, Edward Aleo, and Roy Sullivan.