Bloomington, Minn— At AAA in Boston, ReSound is showcasing the new Unite® Mini Microphone (pictured), as well as ClearPath, ReSound’s first iPad application, designed to help audiologists and dispensers during the patient counseling process.

With speech understanding in background noise still being a problem for individuals with hearing difficulties, the Unite Mini Microphone is designed to help Alera® hearing aid users experience clearer sound when in conversation with a companion.

"Modern hearing aids do a great job of picking up clear speech when sound is face-to-face, or close to the hearing aid wearer. But sound that is further away can still be difficult to hear," said Dave Olson, US Product Manager, ReSound. "With the Unite Mini Microphone, hearing range is extended beyond the reach of even the best hearing aid by itself."

Based on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, Unite transmits speech and music directly to ReSound Alera hearing aids. As a personal portable audio streaming device, it can be plugged into an iPod or any other audio source.

ReSound’s second featured product is ClearPath, the company’s first iPad counseling application for audiologists and dispensers. ClearPath features a simple assessment, customizable audiograms, audio files for patient and companion education, and a reference library of patient-facing materials. The output upon completion of counseling is a customized consultation report that summarizes the discussion and shows the hearing technology recommended by the dispenser.

"ClearPath is a sales tool for dispensers who want specific ways to explain how the top level technology will benefit their patients. It’s a way of making a connection to the hearing aid investment and the sound quality the patient will experience," said Mary Rapaport, director of product marketing, ReSound.