Somerset, NJ — With June named as Men’s Health Month, Oticon is encouraging men to consider their hearing health with a 2-month awareness campaign called “Let’s Hear It for His Health.”

The campaign’s goal is to help men to realize how hearing is an integral part of their overall well-being and to support regular hearing screenings. For those men found to have hearing loss, Oticon hopes the campaign will also motivate positive action to address their hearing loss.

The new campaign promotes hearing solutions and hearing preservation, and also includes a cause-related incentive: During June and July, Oticon will donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of Agil hearing devices to the American Cancer Society to support prostate cancer research and treatment.

“During June, we celebrate Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day, two occasions that remind us how much we value the men in our lives,” said Sheena Oliver, AuD, Oticon vice president of marketing, in a press statement. “’Let’s Hear It for His Health’ is a positive way to open a dialogue about hearing loss and its impact on quality of life with our spouses, our fathers, our grandfathers, our brothers, and other loved ones.”

The campaign will also showcase Oticon Agil, the company’s second generation wireless hearing instrument specifically designed to help preserve natural characteristics of speech while enriching sound quality.

Oticon will promote the “Let’s Hear It for His Health” campaign with a range of marketing materials, including desktop displays, hearing health tip sheets, and news releases.

SOURCE: Oticon