With the release of its summer issue, Hearing HealthCare News® celebrated its 20th year of providing customized patient newsletters and other practice development services to audiologists throughout the United States and Canada.
Hearing HealthCare News was started in 1986 by audiologist Dennis Hampton, PhD. After seeing the success in his own practice, Hampton began publishing customized versions for other audiologists to send to their own patients. Since then, more than 26 million copies have been sent to more than 400,000 hearing aid users throughout the United States and Canada.

The publisher developed the Practice Development Program in 2003. The program is a collection of the best audiology marketing tips and techniques collected from several hundred practices over the past 20 years, including a patient retention program, patient and physician referral programs, and patient satisfaction surveys.

According to Hampton, who still serves as editor, "Patient satisfaction and patient retention are vital to the success of any practice. In addition, our current patients and local physicians can be the easiest and most cost-effective sources of new patient referrals. Hundreds of our subscribers have proven that over the past 20 years."

[SOURCE: Hearing HealthCare News]