ReSound has recently launched the “Moments Movement” as a way to recognize hearing health care professionals and elevate the patient “moments” that inspire and motivate them daily.

ReSound describes “Moments” as the extra ordinary things that hearing care professionals do to make the lives of their patients better. “Every time a patient’s face light up because they can hear again, that’s a Moment.  Moments make being a professional in hearing healthcare rewarding,” states the ReSound press release.

To create awareness and support for the Moments Movement, ReSound is awarding a monthly Moment Maker Grant. For every Moment shared on ReSound’s Moments Web page, ReSound will add funds to the Moment Maker Grant.

The grant can be used by hearing health professionals for continuing education, as a scholarship, or for charitable events or mission trips.

Jennifer McGlothlin, AuD, of Elite Audiology & Hearing Care, was the first recipient of ReSound’s Moment Maker Grant. McGlothlin, a private practice owner in Mt. Juliet, TN, will use the grant to attend a Tinnitus Practitioners Association – Associate Course.

“I feel so blessed to have been awarded the first Moment Maker Grant,” said McGlothlin.” I have been wanting to attend the TPA course for a while now, but as a start-up practice owner, the funds just weren’t there. Now, I look forward to being able to help tinnitus sufferers with the knowledge I am sure to gain in this course. Thank you, ReSound, for helping us make special Moments with our patients.” 

Hearing care professionals can submit and read Moments at:

To apply for the Moment Maker Grant, go to:

Below is an example of a video Moment testimonial: