Oticon announced the launch of a new Oticon brand identity that reportedly builds on the heritage and purpose of People First and reinforces the “power of technology to improve not only the quality of hearing, but the overall quality of life.” “Life-Changing Technology,” communicates the company’s determination to “pioneer new medical device innovations that deliver meaningful and positive benefits to people with hearing loss.”

“Life-Changing Technology gives Oticon and our valued hearing care partners a new story to tell for a new age of hearing healthcare,” said Oticon President Gary Rosenblum. “In the new reality of today’s dynamic marketplace, our updated, stronger brand identity is a natural evolution of ‘People First’ and affirms our commitment to provide hearing care professionals and their patients with hearing technology that improves hearing and changes lives.”

For more than 115 years, Oticon has brought hearing technology that it says “exceeds the needs and expectations of people with hearing loss” to market. Over the past decade, Oticon has “pioneered new standards and advanced its portfolio of hearing solutions dramatically.” 

“Life-Changing Technology ‘expertly fitted by qualified hearing care professionals’ will remain a core tenet of the Oticon brand,” explained Rosenblum. “We are committed to providing industry-leading audiology and business support to empower our hearing care partners to deliver the best possible technology and the best possible patient experience—now and in the future.” 

In the coming months, Oticon will transition to the new brand identity, logo, and tagline on packaging materials, marketing materials, and other elements.  

To learn more about Oticon and its comprehensive portfolio of hearing solutions, visit: www.Oticon.com.

Source: Oticon

Image: Oticon