In the December 2013 Hearing Review Digital Edition…

DecCoverforWebResized Utility of Smartphone-based Hearing Aid Applications as a Substitute to Traditional Hearing AidsBy Amyn M. Amlani, PhD; Brian Taylor, AuD; Charla Levy; and Rachel Robbins

Results from this study indicate that the intended use of smartphone-based hearing aid applications is to provide temporary assistance to individuals with hearing deficits. However, for previous users of smartphone hearing aid applications to adopt hearing aids, manual volume control and/or frequency-gain response may be needed in the subsequently prescribed hearing aids.

2013 Survey of US Dispensing Practice Metrics, Part 1By Phonak Marketing

A look at some “Best in Class” dispensing benchmarks and what distinguishes these practices from the rest.

Role Play in Clinical InteractionBy Lisbeth Dons Jensen

Role play may suggest to the reader a notion of dishonesty and hiding of the truth. On the contrary, role playing is a mode of collaboration, a constructive adaptation that serves to facilitate positive outcomes of the interaction for all participating individuals.

Looking Back at 2013; Moving Forward to 2014

HR’s annual look, from the perspective of industry participants, at the new product and service offerings and events in 2013, as well as what might be expected for 2014 and beyond.

Best Hearing Healthcare Professionals of 2013

A directory of top hearing care providers and select businesses and organizations.


Staff Standpoint | Total Communication DevicesBy Karl E. Strom

Blog Page | Trimming the Sails: Incubators for Market ExpansionBy Christopher Schweitzer, PhD

Back to Basics | What Is “Effective Quiet” for Music and Noise?By Marshall Chasin, AuD

Final Word | Diary of a Cricket Hunter: Localization and Mic Location Can Be ImportantBy Dennis Van Vliet, AuD