Westone Laboratories has introduced their new DefendEar custom hearing protection line with subject-fit Noise Reduction Ratings (NRRs) specifically designed for the needs of the industrial safety market.

Four application specific models offer industrial safety officers the ability to design a hearing conservation plan appropriately matched to the noise of their environment and avoid the known safety implications of overprotecting workers.

"These subject fit NRR (SF) data are valuable to safety compliance officers and industrial hygienists because they give real world performance of HPDs. NRR (SF) values can be directly subtracted from A-weighted Time Weighted Average values to produce the worker’s protected TWA. There are no more of the NRR derating hassles associated with the EPA-required NRR labeling," explains Scott Lake, DefendEar manager of engineering & technical sales.

The DefendEar Max, Lite, Convertible, and Convertible Comm make up the core models in the new product line. All DefendEar industrial hearing protection earpieces use Westone’s proprietary OtoBlast medical grade silicone and Slick-Sil AM anti-microbial coating for durability, attenuation, and comfort.

Westone also offers comprehensive industry tailored options, including metal detectability, integrated communication, and filtered solutions for enhanced awareness.

SOURCE: Westone