Phonak’s clinical conference, "Advances in Audiology: Tomorrow’s Solutions for Today’s Challenges," is now open for early registration.

The 3-day conference will be held on December 2 to 5, 2012, at the M Resort in Las Vegas and will include two back-to-back sessions: "Innovation in Hearing Care for Adults" and "Latest Developments in FM and Soundfield."

The conference sessions will include information about the latest developments in:

  • Auditory and cognitive functioning
  • Factors in hearing instrument adoption and use
  • Amplification for older adults
  • Future perspectives in audiology
  • FM technology in adult listeners
  • Connectivity
  • Wireless technologies and standards
  • FM for children
  • New trends in SoundField

Conference speakers will include Nina Kraus, Pam Souza, Jace Wolfe, Larry Humes, Joseph Montano, Sergei Kochkin, Theresa Chisolm, Susan Scollie, Kathy Pichora-Fuller, Harvey Dillon, Chris Lind, Imran Mulla, Debi Vickers, Sophia Kramer, and other international experts.

Phonak is offering early bird reduced registration fees until June 30. For more information on the conference, and poster submission, and to register, visit this link.

SOURCE: Phonak