Somerset, NJ— Sonic is introducing the Flip miniature receiver-in-the-canal (miniRIC). Flip includes a new Sonic Speech Variable Processing platform for fast sound processing and preserving the naturalness of sound along with the subtle nuances of speech. The product also features Speech Priority Noise Reduction, the next generation in Sonic noise reduction algorithms, which also emphasizes speech understanding in noise.

“Our new Speech Priority Noise Reduction works hand-in-hand with our new fast-acting Speech Variable Processing to provide excellent results for Flip hearing instrument wearers,” said Sonic’s president and COO Joe Lugara. “With Flip, we also added an Impulse Noise Reduction feature to increase patient listening comfort by addressing those sudden loud sounds that patients really don’t want to hear.”

The Flip product gets its name from the unique way in which the whole side of the hearing instrument “flips” open. The name is also a call to action for hearing care professionals and patients to “flip your expectations” about the features available in a small hearing instrument.

“Flip is so small, yet rich in mechanical and sound processing features,” said Kathy Landon, Sonic vice president of branding and professional services. “Even with its small size, Flip uses an easy-to-handle size 13 battery, which provides better battery life, is much more convenient for patients with dexterity challenges, and is simple to access because of the flip open case.”

Flip also includes an easy-to-locate push button for changing programs and a large rotary volume control not found on products of this size. According to Sonic, Flip is the only miniRIC available today with both a rotary volume control and a push button.

Visit Sonic’s website for more details.