Chicago – Beltone has introduced myPAL™, a small wireless streaming device that sends sound directly to select Beltone True hearing aids via a 2.4 GHz signal without the need for a relay device.

The Beltone myPAL device is designed to help Beltone hearing aid users to hear in noisy environments, such as parties, meetings, and restaurants. 

It can be placed on a person’s lapel, near a TV, or on a phone, or can be connected directly to an MP3 player, offering the hearing aid wearer sound clarity with improved signal-to-noise ratio and the ability to transmit sound up to 20 feet away.

Other features include an easy access on/off switch, simple to use volume control, and batteries that are rechargeable via USB or wall outlets.

The myPAL streamer is available with the following hearing aid models:

  • Beltone True wireless miniBTE
  • Beltone True RIE
  • Beltone True Flex BTE
  • Beltone True MIC

SOURCE: Beltone