London, UK — Britain’s BBC One’s "So You Think You Can Dance" finalist Kirsty Swain has shared her experiences using Siemens’ new waterproof and shock resistant hearing instrument, Aquaris. In a Siemens video, Swain, 30 years old, speaks about how Aquaris has helped her active lifestyle and dance career.

Swain received the Aquaris from Siemens after the company saw the popular British talent show and learned about her challenges of having an active performing career with hearing loss.

Swain is a dancer, teacher, and performer. Before being fitted with Aquaris, she said that her other hearing instruments couldn’t withstand the sweat and rigors of dancing, so she preferred to dance without her hearing aid. As a result, she learned to dance by music vibrations and through copying others to pick up routines.

Swain explained, "I have had trouble in the past with hearing instruments getting sweaty, slipping, and being uncomfortable when exercising, but with the Aquaris I can run along hearing everything, without the slightest problem.” Aside from dancing and running, Swain also swims with her Aquaris.

Wendy Davies, national sales and audiology manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments, said, "When we saw the struggles that Kirsty was presented with, we offered her our new Aquaris as a solution to the very physically demanding lifestyle she leads. Knowing that she now has the ability to hear with comfort when she dances is an exciting prospect, and we look forward to seeing how this remarkable technology can improve her quality of life and stage career."

Surrey-based Swain has had hearing loss since birth, but was only diagnosed partially deaf when she was 12 years old. As a child, she was excluded and embarrassed to wear her hearing instruments and she continues to confront hurdles in her professional life. Swain says she is determined to be a positive role model for others with hearing loss, demonstrating that it should never stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments