San Francisco – introduced three new products at AAA in Boston: The new online software enhancements include eDocs, Sycle-LACE® Online Integration, and Sycle-CounselEAR Integration.

eDocs is a new feature that’s accessed directly within, enabling users to scan or import documents into patient summaries. Users can then electronically manage, store, retrieve, and distribute patient documents from a single location or multiple locations. provides a default folder structure, and also allows users to create their own folders to organize electronic files.  

New Sycle-Lace Online Integration allows users to manage LACE Online programs. Users can see patients’ progress with LACE® software, and view database-wide reporting and metrics within their account.   

Finally, Sycle-CounselEAR Integration is embedded within the patient summary, enabling users to create, fax, and email reports without ever leaving the software.