ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, introduces ReSound Live, a hearing device with a surround sound processor.

It differs from other hearing aid processors because it first distinguishes bass and treble separately, and then blends them into a smooth overall sound, says a statement released by Resound. Wearers experience more distinct high-pitched sounds (birds chirping), and richer low-pitched sounds (a purring cat), says the statement.

Advanced directional technology, including the new feature AutoScope, automatically narrows on conversations in noisier situations, and understanding of speech is clearer and enhanced regardless of background noise, says the company.

The device features an advanced feedback suppression system with Whistle Control, which monitors sound levels, and deploys Whistle Control if necessary, to prevent feedback.

Users can choose a combination of technology level, model, color, and an option to custom-mold to the ear’s shape, and the device provides convenience when talking on a mobile phone through Bluetooth wireless compatibility.

[Source: Resound]