GN Otometrics, (US headquarters Schaumburg Ill), introduces ICS Chartr EP 200, a new system for Evoked Potential testing. The system builds on the expertise of Otometrics’ ICS Chartr line offering comprehensive EP testing, says the company.

Chartr EP 200 can be combined with Otometrics’ VNG/ENG system, the ICS Chartr 200, creating a state-of-the-art solution, according to the company. Installing Chartr EP and Chartr VNG/ENG software on the same computer allows users to benefit from a complete test battery and a shared database, says the company.

A shared EP/VNG/ENG database saves data entry time because users enter the patient once and access them from Chartr EP and Chartr VNG/ENG software, according to the company. Data archiving can be done from either software program, and all data, including video recordings, is saved.

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[Source: GN Otometrics]