The National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR), Washington, has scheduled its Fourth biennial international conference on October 7 to 9 in Portland, Ore.

The conference, titled The Ear-Brain System: Approaches to the Study and Treatment of Hearing Loss, will include lectures, panel discussions, and poster presentations organized into the following topic areas: 

  • Hearing with the Brain: A Neural Perspective
  • Binaural Processing: Using the Brain to Use Both Ears
  • Attending to the Auditory Scene:  How We Put It All Together
  • Helping the Brain Help Itself: Aiding the Ear-Brain System

The invited speakers are Arthur Boothroyd, PhD; Steve Colburn, PhD; Erv Hafter, PhD; Sridhar Kalluri, PhD; Nina Kraus, PhD; Bill Noble, PhD; Bob Shannon, PhD; Robert Sweetow, PhD, and Robert Zatorre, PhD.

Click here for more details, registration, poster submissions, and scholarship applications.

[Source: NCRAR]