Benson Medical Instruments, which designs and manufactures audiometers, spirometers, and software to manage hearing conservation and occupational spirometry programs for companies, has announced a new ID masking feature in its software for occupational hearing tests that helps protect employees’ private data. Examples of private employee data include birth date, Social Security numbers, addresses, photos, protected class designation, and race.

Benson Medical Instruments’ 7.3 software, designed for use in occupational health testing programs, protects employee identification numbers with its ID masking feature. The software has a separate setting per company to mask Subject IDs both on screen and on printed reports. The company reports that the number of characters to mask can be controlled separately. Starting on the left side/end of the ID, the feature substitutes the character ‘x’ for the masked character. For example, masking the leftmost 5 digits of an SSN would leave the last 4 digits.

“The ID Masking feature makes it easy for occupational health practitioners to protect the privacy of sensitive ID numbers both on the screen and in any reports that are distributed for hearing conservation management,” said David Mayou, sales manager of Benson Medical Instruments. “Occupational health clinics and mobile testing providers that use Benson Medical’s audiometers or spirometers to conduct testing for multiple companies will particularly benefit from ID Masking.”

For more information, visit the Benson Medical Instruments website.

Source: Benson Medical Instruments