The new HearPlugz-DF dual-filtered hearing protectors from EAR Inc, Boulder, Colo—which are used by military personnel during operations—feature variable attenuation. As noise levels rise, noise suppression goes up, allowing speech and radio communications to be heard, says the company.

A safety manager from the Army Corps of Engineers has regularly provided the plugs to service personnel on convoys, and says if an explosive device impacts personnel, their hearing will remain intact, allowing them to radio call for help, according to the company.

Advanced filter technology improves speech and radio communication without distortion or muffling, and the plugs fit under helmets, says the company. A breathable filter allows for pressure equalization, and the external filter is removable.

Wearers can speak on a cell phone while the plugs are in use.

The product is offered in three sizes, and the plugs last for 2 to 3 years, says EAR Inc.

HearPlugz-DF have won the Occupational Health & Safety magazine new product of the year award in the hearing protection category.

[Source: EAR Inc]