Minneapolis — Starkey Laboratories Inc has announced that it is changing its parent company name to Starkey Hearing Technologies. In its press release, the 45-year-old company said that it was making the change based on its overall technology focus, global expansion, and a changing marketplace.

“Over the past decade, we have gone from a manufacturing company, to a global technology company with several businesses residing inside our walls,” stated Jerry Ruzicka, president of Starkey Hearing Technologies. “The name change better aligns with both who we are as an organization, as well as our focus on innovation, technolog, and the diverse customers we serve.”

The announcement also explained that adding “hearing” to the name was done not only to emphasize the company’s sole focus on hearing care, but also to help consumers more quickly identify the organization as a hearing care company.

Starkey Hearing Technologies will also continue to support its philanthropic arm, the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Founded in 1978 as the Starkey Fund, the Foundation strives to foster greater understanding among individuals and communities through hearing care by focusing on awareness, education, protection and treatment so the world may hear.

SOURCE: Starkey Hearing Technologies, fka Starkey Laboratories