Naperville, Ill — Launching in North America and distributed by ClearSounds throughout the United States, Hearing News Network (HNN), was developed by hearing health care professionals for hearing health care professionals.

The culmination of experienced marketers, business development experts and industry insiders, HNN says its goal is get to the heart of hearing related issues in a clear, concise and digital manner.

Audiologists typically invest countless dollars in direct mail, yellow pages and print ads, internet, radio and TV to drive customer acquisition, but Robert Oswald, founder of HNN said in a press release, "With HNN, you are now able to enhance the experience within your practice once a new or existing client enters your waiting room. HNN provides an immediate return on investment by preconditioning the patient prior to the assessment resulting in increased closure rates and revenue.”

Information is delivered directly to your audience by way of high-speed internet to a strategically positioned flat screen monitor located within your waiting room. HNN uses archived data that is specifically designed to precondition patients prior to testing or dispensing. As a result, redundant questions may be reduced by being answered in advance.

HNN allows clients to create their own content, introducing clinic staff, for example, or offering hearing health care tips.

For more information, visit the HNN Web site.

SOURCE: Hearing News Network