August 30, 2007

Avada Hearing Care Centers, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc. (HHM), recently hosted a conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, for all Avada dispensers to introduce Avada’s latest wireless Blulink binaural hearing system.
The event, conducted Aug. 16 through 18, began with in-depth discussions regarding Blulink’s technical capabilities and concluded with various avenues for introducing the Blulink hearing system to patients. During the conference, Avada audiologist, Mary Beth Wright and hearing instrument specialists, Russ Hearn and Bobby Bartolucci, led informative presentations that demonstrated Blulink’s groundbreaking features. Avada reports the speakers also delivered various strategies about how to recommend and position the best and most appropriate solution based on patient needs.  

“Our clinicians are very excited about this new era of high speed wireless hearing technology and can’t wait to introduce the Blulink hearing system to our patients,” says Steve Barlow, CEO of Avada and chairman of the board of managers of HHM. “Avada prides itself on educating and informing our clinicians about the latest products on the market and commits itself on serving the needs of the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism and service available.”

Avada operates more than 225 hearing healthcare centers nationwide. For more information about Avada and its services, please visit

Source: Avada