Somerset, NJ – Released this summer, Oticon’s new Intiga hearing aid has won the iF Product Design Award 2012. The product was recognized for its outstanding design in a competition that drew more than 4,000 entries from 48 countries.

Oticon’s product development team tested a variety of designs and approaches to create Intiga’s subtle organic form and snug fit. The sleek, modern hearing device’s naturally rounded shape follows the physical contours of the ear and features a clean and unbroken surface. The re-designed tube fits close to the ear and skin, making the wire virtually invisible, not only to users but also to others. Intiga’s improved shaping, softer wire, and greater length variety are designed for increased retention, stronger cosmetic appeal, and more individualized fitting.

“We are pleased that this year’s iF Design Awards have recognized Oticon Intiga as an example of world-class product design,” said Oticon President Peer Lauritsen in the press statement. “When we created Intiga, our goal was to design an innovative hearing solution that would maximize first-time user acceptance and benefits. We knew that in addition to outstanding audiological performance, Intiga’s look and feel would be critical to attracting first-time users. The iF Design Award confirms our belief that Intiga offers first-time users a discreet, aesthetically appealing hearing aid.”

Intiga has a fully binaural wireless system housed in a miniature shell, allowing two Intiga instruments to work together to analyze the sound environment.

The product development team was able to maintain Intiga’s discreet size by precisely positioning mechanical elements and powering the small, highly efficient RISE 2 platform with a 10A battery, the smallest commercially available.

SOURCE: Oticon