Hansaton's jamHD S312 in Carbon Black.

Hansaton’s jamHD S312 in Carbon Black.

Hansaton, based in Plymouth, Minn, has announced the launch of the company’s new jamHD S312 BTE hearing system and the accompanying new upgrade to its Scout Software 3.2.1.

The new hearing system is intended to be suited for patients with “funky ears,” large amounts of wax, small ear canals, or those who need a rugged, rough and tough hearing system. The jamHD S312 is designed with an easy to operate pushbutton and “packs a powerful punch” in its small package, according to Hansaton. With features like an IP67 rating, slim tube or ear hook, a wide fitting range, and increased reliability with fewer repairs and easier maintenance, this BTE can help hearing care professionals meet the needs of a range of patients. The jamHD comes in a range of colors from Carbon Black to Silver Grey to Beige.


Hansaton’s jamHD S312 hearing aid in Sparkling bronze.

In addition to Hansaton’s new jamHD S312 BTE hearing system, the company’s Scout Software has been upgraded from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 with a fresh new menu bar, and some very important updates made to ensure hearing healthcare professionals do not run into any issues while doing a live fitting. The company invites professionals to download the newest version of Scout from the Professionals section of its website.

Hansaton says that with the right tools, the company can help you achieve your goals, and make sure you have fun doing it. From its new BTE, to its improved ITEs, and RICs, the company’s products are designed to provide solutions for all patients.

Source: Hansaton Akustik GmbH, part of the Sonova Group