Chicago — Beltone has added the Beltone True 64DW wireless RIE to its Beltone True™ family of hearing instruments. The 64DW includes Bluetooth-compatibility for wirelessly receiving sound from televisions, cell/home phones, stereos, PCs, and MP3 players via a 2.4 GHz signal.

“Many patients prefer the receiver-in-the-ear model because of its lightweight and nearly invisible design,” said John Cariola, director of product management, in the press statement. “With the addition of volume control and telecoil technology, the new 64DW wireless RIE offers the best of the Beltone True in a receiver-in-the-ear model.”

The 64DW is available in two power levels and offers a multi-toggle button, telecoil, and volume control. A wind noise reduction feature also improves sound quality in windy environments.

All RIE models offer the most advanced hearing instrument protection available, including the application of HPF80 NanoBlock to prevent damage due to moisture, humidity, and ear wax. The 64DW wireless RIE is available in Beltone True 17, True 9, and True 8 models and is compatible with all of the Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories.

SOURCE: Beltone