Gothenburg, Sweden — Bellman & Symfon announced that it has completely redesigned its Domino neck loop, raising its output power 150% over the previous version, plus other new enhancements.

The new Domino personal hearing system has achieved the higher output power through optimizing the neck loop’s magnetic field strength.

In addition, the neck loop’s materials have been redesigned to further increase wearing comfort. For example, the cable material is now softer and more pliable and the housing has a new soft coating. A soft fabric tube has also been added for increased comfort when wearing the neck loop underneath clothes and in direct contact with the skin.

The Domino includes digital signal processing technology and wireless broadband to bring out speech in difficult listening situations with stereo sound that is free from background noise and feedback. Its 128-bit digital encryption technology also allows for interference-free speech with no risk of eavesdropping.

Peter Jungvid, founder and CEO of Bellman & Symfon, also stated in the press announcement that the new Domino Pro system has enhanced the directional microphones. which significantly reduces the noise level and increases the effect of the adaptive beam-forming in Domino’s dual microphone system.

The company also reported that the new neck loop and enhanced Domino systems are now available through Bellman & Symfon Authorized Resellers for a suggested price of $59.95. For more information:

SOURCE: Bellman & Symfon