The new Motiva Personal FM 360 Listening System available from Assistech, Tucson, Ariz, is designed to mix and broadcast a speaker’s voice plus an audio program, simultaneously, in one room.

The sleek, lightweight system provides hearing assistance when background noise or distance from the sound source makes listening difficult. It is useful for small groups, classrooms, employee training, consultation, TV and audio listening, car trips, and restaurant visits.

The system features 16 selectable channels on 72-76MHz and has an operating range of up to 150 feet. No-slip rubberized sides aid in easy handling. The T36 transmitter for the speaker has a flexible 3.5 mm mic jack, push-button on/off/mute controls, and adjustable compression and channel lock.

Participants use the R36 receiver with an earphone, headphone, or neckloop (not included) to listen to the speaker or audio program. With the R36, participants can hear more of what they want, and they can use the receiver’s external mic, FM signal, or mix audio from both for a customized, personal listening experience.

A 5-year warranty is available from Williams Sound.