Since open-type fittings were introduced, it has sometimes been a challenge to properly fit them with the universal eartip. Many consumers have also indicated that they would prefer the comfort of a custom earmold instead. A solution that addresses both these issues is now available.

Westone has developed the new style #4VH, a hollow canal-style open earmold that was designed to work with virtually any hearing instrument using thin-type tubing. It is created using the company’s FIT™ laser technology and utilizes built-in “spokes” and a “hub” to hold and direct the tubing. This allows the tube, as it leaves the earmold, to be aligned as close to the head as possible. On some patients, to achieve placement of the tube as close to the head as the generic tip tube, a different length thin tube may be needed or alterations required.

Each style #4VH earmold is produced with a half-inch piece of branch tube pre-attached to the earmold hub. The branch tube is trimmed to the appropriate length for each specific patient. After clipping off the hearing instrument’s thin tube eartip collar (leaving just the thin tube), the tube is simply friction-fitted into the branch tube. Once in place, the angle of the thin tube may be adjusted to achieve optimal placement against the head. No gluing is required making tube changes a snap.

It should be noted that, like any open air fitting earmold, this style is not guaranteed against feedback. The style #4VH earmold is currently available in clear acrylic, and is produced only in Westone’s Colorado Springs facility.

Patients can now enjoy the custom-fit comfort they want with the open-style fitting they need.

For additional information, contact a member of Westone’s Technical Services team at (800) 525-5071.

For information, contact:
Westone LaboratoriesColorado Springs, Colo, (800) 525-5071