March 28, 2007

Oticon, Inc. continues to expand its sales and training force with the addition of nine new account managers and five new inside sales representatives.
New Account Managers are: Ashley C. Al-Izzi, MS, F-AAA (Washington, Alaska, and northern Idaho). Ashley has extensive experience working as a dispensing audiologist in private practice; Sandra Davis, MS, F-AAA (North Carolina, southern Virginia and parts of Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina). Sandra draws on her history in pediatric and adult audiology, as well as previous industry sales experience; Jason T. Dria, AuD (Michigan).  Dria has extensive experience in diagnostic audiology, patient counseling and hearing aid dispensing; Jen Hutchison, AuD, F-AAA (Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and northern Virginia). Hutchinson’s experience combines research and clinical work in diagnostic audiology as well as vestibular, amplification and rehabilitation services for pediatric and adult populations; Linda K. Vassallo, MA,CCC-A (Ohio).  Vassallo has extensive experience in all areas of diagnostic audiology and hearing aid dispensing. Andrea D. West, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA (Alabama, central and west Tennessee, west Kentucky, north Mississippi, and the Florida pan handle). West’s previous clinical experience has provided her with extensive knowledge in diagnostic and rehabilitative audiological services; David Gordon, MS, F-AAA, pediatric account manager (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas). In addition to his work in a clinical setting caring for children and adults, Gordon’s previous experience includes serving as an educational audiologist in schools; Nicole C. Robbins, AuD, CCC-A,  pediatric account manager (Southeastern United States including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina). Robbins has extensive experience in all areas of pediatric audiology;
The following are new inside sales representatives: Joanne M. Bogurski (Midwest region). Bogurski brings seven years of experience in inside sales to her new position; Joseph N. Giacomiazzio (Western region). Giaxomiazzio has extensive experience in inside sales; Barbara C. Kania (Midwest region). Prior to joining Oticon, Kania held positions in both sales and management; James M. Neglia (Northeast United States). Neglia brings 20 years of inside sales experience in the manufacturing industry; Marc A. Nunez (Southeast Region). Nunez brings 10 years of business-to-business experience to his new role.
Ronda KW Condie, MS, CCC-A is the new Education and Training Specialist for Oticon’s Western region. Condie brings over 30 years experience serving both children and adults in public school, public health, rehabilitation/clinical and private practice settings.  In addition to her published research, Ronda has taught graduate level university courses and served as a university guest-lecturer.

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