June 14, 2007

Parents of youngsters newly identified with hearing loss often have myriad questions and need to absorb a considerable information to secure optimal care and solutions for their children.  A new, comprehensive Workbook for Parents of Children Who Are Newly Identified as Hard of Hearing, from Oticon Pediatrics, (www.oticon.com) aims to assist parents in becoming active and informed members of their child’s support team.

“Parents often experience confusion and worry when a child is first identified with hearing loss,” Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon, Inc, says. “We believe this workbook will empower parents with the knowledge and confidence they need to become valuable and informed advocates for their children.”

The workbook was researched and written by Melanie Sisson, AuD.  Dr. Sisson, who has over 18 years of pediatric audiology experience, started Connecticut’s first Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program with universal hearing screening for newborns at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. The workbook covers a range of topics and addresses types of hearing loss, the adjustment process, and social and communication implications of hearing loss. The workbook also includes practical discussion of hearing aid styles, FM systems, and communication options.   

The 186-page, spiral bound workbook features tabbed sections, full-color photos and graphics. Information is delivered in language that is meaningful and understandable.  Special icons for “Notes and Questions for Team Members,” “Remember” and “Helpful Hints” help ensure that follow-up visits are focused and productive.

Workbook for Parents of Children Who Are Newly Identified as Hard of Hearing is available free of charge upon request with a new order for an Oticon Pediatrics hearing instrument.  For more information on obtaining the workbook contact Maureen Doty-Tomasula at [email protected].

Source: Oticon