June 14, 2007

CEDAR PARK, Tex —In mid-May, two new Acoustic Systems Model RE-125 hearing screening booths were rushed to Washington DC to support the Hearing Industries Association’s (HIA) 2007 Hearing on the Hill.  Hearing on the Hill is held biannually to increase awareness of issues related to the hearing impaired and influence legislation. The HIA offered free hearing screenings to Congressional leaders and staffers using the Acoustic Systems booths.

With one week remaining until the event, a critical component was missing from the Hearing on the Hill event—the hearing screening booths. The original supplier could not provide them in time. HIA Executive Director Carole Rogin turned to the Acoustic Systems product management team at ETS-Lindgren for help. Realizing HIA’s critical need for the screening booths, Brian Hill, ETS-Lindgren’s leader of product management, sprang into action and his team got the booths to Washington on time. 

Rogin, upon receiving the good news that the two booths were in shipment 24 hours after making the request stated: “You and your company are HIA’s heroes!  Thank you for your amazing hustle.”

“Our response is representative of the high level of customer care we try to provide all our customers,” says Hill, “and it is one of the reasons why Acoustic Systems ranks highest in customer and installer satisfaction in the audiometric and hearing conservation markets in North America.  We look forward to helping the entire industry grow by provisioning high quality sound suites to hearing health care professionals.”

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