Vancouver, Wash — In a surprise announcement at Audigy Group’s annual Fall Summit in Las Vegas, Audigy Group’s founder and CEO, Brandon Dawson, promoted executive vice president Mason Walker (pictured) to president of the organization.

Dawson explained his decision, saying, “Mason’s leadership, his passion, his loyalty, and his fundamental understanding and operating vision for the organization are an example for others to follow. He earned respect by being an example to others, not only internal AG staff members, but our business partners, strategic relationships, and, most importantly, our Members and their teams. He has always executed at the fullest of his ability, grinding and pushing the company to success. I have never before had the privilege of working with a person like Mason. He exemplifies all of my core values, the core values of our organization, and its Members.”

Walker responded, “In 7 short years, I’ve gone from AG’s first employee, handling our first inbound call, to Audigy’s president. To be acknowledged and honored in this way is humbling beyond belief.”

As for the specifics of Dawson’s role at Audigy Group, he said, “I will still be responsible for the strategic direction and governance of Audigy Group as Founder, CEO, and Managing Member, and will spend my time nurturing, directing, and developing the core team. Mason, Controller Chris Roberts, and the rest of our leadership will be responsible for the continued development of their teams.”

SOURCE: Audigy Group