St Louis — Auditec Inc has introduced a new auditory training program called Constraint-Induced Auditory Therapy (CIAT©), which is described as a dichotic listening program.

CIAT and the program were conceived and developed by Drs Annette Hurley and D. Bradley Davis of the Department of Communication Disorders, Louisiana State University, Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, La.

The CIAT press announcement explains that CIAT is based on dichotic interaural difference training. For hearing applications, dichotic listening therapy activities can be compared to Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), which is employed as a method of restoring physical movement after stroke induced hemiplegia.

Just as CIMT specifically targets the weaker limb by “constraining” movement of the stronger limb, CIAT was specifically designed to strengthen auditory processing by targeting an individual’s weaker ear through controlled dichotic listening.

Auditec reports that CIAT employs a large variety of stimuli, including digits, syllables, words, sentences, short stories, fables, and a longer story. Parameters include intensity differences and time delay.

The CIAT program has a total of 12 CDs. Auditec has also made available a basic program of four CDs that includes exercises, as well as worksheets and a manual.

SOURCE: Auditec